340B Program Administration

340B Expertise

An Unrivaled Partner

Mango Health can manage your 340B program in a uniquely integrated pharmacy services model so you can direct your attention where it’s needed most – to your patients. Our proven experience as a 340B program administrator and contract pharmacy operator makes Mango Health is an unrivalled partner for 340B covered entities and their providers. When you’re stretching scarce 340B dollars, the last thing you want is to spend more money on third party-services.

 Our solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of federal grantees and health systems that offer HIV services. With Mango Health, case managers who are handling patient care will have access to the pharmacy data showing patient status and adherence as well as support from our care coordinators to easily manage their patients’ drug therapies. Our solutions don’t require providers to have pharmacy, technical, or financial expertise. We have extensive expertise and provide support for various types of grants, including Ryan White and STD grants.

Proprietary Solutions

Ease Your Administrative Burden

Our proprietary tools are multi-faceted and tailored to meet the needs of key users in your organization including executives, case managers, financial analysts, 340B program directors, clinic administrators, and prescribers. Our care teams and clinical staff handle enrollment, dispensing, refill and adherence programs, 340B qualification, drug ordering, invoices, and payments.

We function as an extension of your organization ensuring that we align with your organization’s goals and objectives. We work hard to ensure that your organization maintains a compliant and efficient 340B program in order to help you focus on patient care while maximizing your 340B program funding.

Dedicated, strategic account executive

Dedicated 340B financial consultant

Cost savings by eliminating the need for outside administrators

Comprehensive reporting and ad hoc analytics

HRSA audit support

Policy and procedure assistance

Inventory replenishment

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