About Mango Health

Person-centered care is at the heart of everything we do.

As a national healthcare services organization, we are committed to guiding patients towards a healthier life through individualized, affirming care and empowering our partners to fulfill their potential.

At Mango Health, we believe health care is a human right. Built upon the foundation of a compassionate care model, our community care management strategy removes barriers for patients across the care continuum.

Mango Health offers a comprehensive range of services for organizations specializing in mental health and addiction treatment. Our primary objective is to deliver top-notch and efficient treatment options that cater to every aspect of a person’s journey towards recovery.

At Mango Health, we are dedicated to closely collaborating with mental health and addiction treatment organizations to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality care available. We firmly believe that teamwork is essential in attaining positive outcomes in mental health and addiction treatment, and we strive to be an invaluable partner for any organization that shares our commitment to providing excellent care.

Our expertise lies in various service areas within the mental health and addiction treatment space. We specialize in pharmacy services, infectious disease management, sexual health support, harm reduction, as well as clinical program development, supervision, and education.

By working together with your organization, our aim is to enhance the overall quality of care provided while ensuring the success of individuals on their path towards recovery.

Our Vision

The Mango Health team is united by a vision of unlocking the full potential of health for the patients and the communities we serve. Inspired by a rallying cry of “Be the Care,” we’re determined to help others achieve the health equity they deserve, both today and in the future.

For our Patients, this means offering:

  • Increased access to quality health care providers.
  • Compassionate, culturally competent, and respectful clinical expertise that makes it easier to adhere to treatment plans and achieve holistic wellness.
  • Specialized LGBTQ+, HIV, PrEP, and sexual wellness care, whether it’s through one of our pharmacies, medical center, or digital health platform.
  • Health advocates that help patients navigate the often-confusing world of insurance and financial assistance support.

For our Providers, this means offering:

  • The individualized support they need to serve patients in the way that best fits their communities, so they can expand their patient bases.
  • Access to best-in-class clinical care, with options to integrate our trusted suite of onsite or offsite pharmacy services, robust team of trusted providers, and digital health platform into their existing patient offerings.
  • Proven pharmacy and clinical service expertise that helps them navigate the confusing world of administration, analytics, and reporting, so they can get back to serving more patients.
  • Team members specifically trained in supporting the individualized needs of LGBTQ+, HIV, PrEP, and sexual wellness care.
  • A community-centric focus, including customized marketing services, patient education and engagement opportunities, and special event support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individually focused health care solutions, support, and advocacy for our patients and partners. We do so by offering an integrated suite of pharmacy and clinical services, 340B program solutions, and holistic care approaches.

Everything we do is based upon a compassionate care model that puts our patients first and incorporates respectful, personalized, and comprehensive care delivered in a safe and secure environment.


Our patients can expect individualized care plans that carefully match their lifestyles. We help them achieve wellness by listening first and then working together to meet their optimal health care goals.

Our partners can expect a relationship built on collaboration, access to clinical expertise, sexual wellness care, strategic and customized guidance through the 340B program, and advocacy on their behalf to ensure their missions thrive both now and in the future.


We strive to provide our partners and their patients with the best possible outcomes by continuously innovating and utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We also collaborate with internal thought leaders and external stakeholders to ensure that under-served communities receive the health equity they deserve.

Our Values

Foundational to everything we do, our core values bring our vision and mission to life:

Compassion: We understand and appreciate the needs of our patients, partners, and team members to support them in the way they need and deserve.

Collaboration: We work together, pursuing excellence with fervor because our patients and partners deserve no less than our best.

Resourcefulness: We devise winning solutions to the unique challenges our patients and partners face. 

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