HIV, PrEP, & LGBTQ+ Patient Care

Cultural Competency Meets Clinical Expertise

If you are involved in providing clinical care for patients in the LGBTQ+ community or patients living with or at risk of HIV, you understand the significance of delivering not only expert clinical care but also affirming care. When patients visit your clinic for treatment, it is often just the initial stage in a complex journey towards improved health.

Do you have knowledge about whether your patients’ pharmacies are upholding that same level of clinical expertise and cultural competency?

Cultural Humility & Competency

Cultural humility and cultural competency play a vital role in our interactions with patients and partners, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for experiences that differ from our own.

The significance of gender expression, gender identity, and pronouns cannot be overstated when it comes to the well-being of your patients. It is crucial to take these factors into account throughout their entire care journey.

Is your patients’ pharmacy ensuring that they are addressed using the correct pronouns?

Misgendering by a pharmacy lacking cultural competency is just one of the many ways a patient may fall out of care without you even realizing why. Mango Health’s care model has been designed around culturally humility, competency, and affirming care. We even have a place in our records to document our patients’ pronouns and ensure we address them appropriately.

At Mango Health, we treat patients as individuals, and we are actively involved with the communities we serve through as well as supporting our partners with marketing and outreach materials.

At Mango Health, we embrace a patient-centered approach that values learning from our patients and recognizing the impact of their unique experiences on their health and access to care. We understand the importance of avoiding assumptions and instead strive to provide accessible, affordable, culturally competent, and top-quality care.

Mango Health Patient

“I do not think my husband would still be alive if we had used a chain pharmacy. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate the service that Mango Health provides. I trust them to the fullest.”

Clinical Expertise

Mango Health acknowledges the unique obstacles faced by patient communities and possesses extensive knowledge in HIV, PrEP, and LGBTQ+ healthcare. We promote diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that our culturally competent teams deliver affirming, compassionate, and personalized care to meet their needs.

Our pharmacy-led teams are AAHIVP certified experts in HIV treatment. We offer various services such as refill reminders, assistance with obtaining financial aid, round-the-clock access to pharmacists, personalized delivery options, coordination of benefits, and adherence programs. These efforts aim to profoundly impact the lives of our patients.

Interested in discovering how Mango Health can guarantee that your patients receive empathetic and affirming care throughout their medical services and prescription pick-ups? Simply fill out the contact form; a representative from Mango Health will promptly get in touch with you.

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