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Terms and Conditions of Use

You are advised to read the following Terms and Conditions of Use. These Terms and Conditions have been developed for your protection and the protection of the site service provider and Mango Health. Your use of the site constitutes your agreement to the following terms and conditions. The following terms of use apply to all site users. All terms and conditions of use are subject to change at the discretion of Mango Health.

  1. Use of Content

Mango Health authorizes you to personally view the material contained on the Mango Health site and to download a single copy of such material for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that any downloaded copy includes the copyright notice, “Copyright 2022 Mango Health. All rights reserved.” and with any other copyright or proprietary rights notices that appear in the material copied. Consumers may not use site nor provide outside links to the site, for any personal or commercial purpose, including but not limited to, sale or trade of particular items or services.

The materials contained on the Mango Health site are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. Ownership of the content belongs to Mango Health, or its retail store customers, and to content providers to this site. Any use of the content not expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions of Use is a breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use and may be a violation of copyright, trademark and other laws. All rights not expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions of Use are specifically reserved to Mango Health.

If you violate these Terms and Conditions of Use, your authorization to use the Mango Health site is automatically revoked and you must destroy any copies of the content that you have made.

  1. Shopping Features

Consumers taking advantage of special features such as Shop On-Line, in-store specials, and coupon offerings do so at their own risk and shall hold Mango Health, as site service provider, harmless from any and all liability including, but not limited to, any health claims regarding products posted on retailer sites as well as pick, pack, payment, and delivery functions.

Consumers agree to pay for goods and services purchased via the internet with Mango Health and recognize that purchasing goods and services on line holds the same validity as if purchased in person from a brick and mortar store.

While Mango Health provides state-of-the-art security encryption devices, customer’s e-mail may not be fully secured against interception. The customer agrees to hold Mango Health harmless from any and all liability for any reason whatsoever, including monetary and health issues, that may arise regarding any transaction that occurs between Mango Health and the customer.

Further, Mango Health may provide guarantees and warranties regarding reimbursement for goods and services, as well as pick, pack, and delivery functions whether shopping online or at its brick-and-mortar location. Please see our store policies posted on the ordering section of the site.

Mango Health collects financial information (like your account or credit card numbers where applicable) so you can order products from its store via their shop online service. Your billing information is only used by Mango Health or it’s other business partners to bill you for products and services they sell. It is privileged, confidential, encrypted, and held on a secure server, and will not be given to a third party except as required by law.

  1. Privacy Policy

Mango Health, on behalf of itself, has created this privacy statement for it’s customers in order to demonstrate our collective firm commitment to your privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site.

Mango Health respects and values your privacy. Although we will collect personal information from you, with your permission, only your name, your e-mail address, and your mailing address will be provided to Mango Health. No other personal information collected during your use of this site will be shared. Mango Health will not, without permission, sell, disclose or provide ANY information, including your name, address, e-mail address or other personal information to any third party, unless required to do so by law.

Personal information collected from you is submitted with your knowledge and consent. Mango Health will only use that information to provide a more customized service to you.

Should you choose to take advantage of the posted in-store specials, or shop-on-line features of this Web Site, further information such as your credit card data for method of payment of goods and services may be necessary. Mango Health as site service host, provides state of the art security and encryption devices to protect your payment information.

Mango Health, as site service provider, its employees, directors, and investors are to be held harmless from any and all liability regarding any misuse of your credit card information provided for fulfilment of Mango Health’s shop online feature.

  1. Security

Mango Health as site service provider, works to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input. Mango Health employees who handle customer data do not have access to your credit card details as this information is immediately encrypted after you execute the continue link at the bottom of the payment details section. In order to shop online, Mango Health collects your name, address information, and credit card information, so that it can fulfill your order, as well as your contact information (e-mail and telephone) in case Mango Health needs to communicate with you regarding your order.

We reveal only the last four digits of your credit card number when confirming an order. Of course, we transmit the entire encrypted credit card number to the appropriate credit card company during order processing. To complete credit card transactions, Mango Health provides the following member information (name, billing address, credit card number, expiration date, and transaction amount) to the credit card processing company we use via secure communications pathways. In addition, as part of the fulfilment process, Mango Health may share shipping information with intermediary shipping companies, including but not limited to USPS.

Mango Health has adopted these policies and procedures because (1) we cannot control the privacy practices and policies of other sites and (2) we want to protect your security and privacy during your visit to us.

  1. Site Information

5.1  Choice/Opt-out

This site provides you the opportunity upon registration to opt-out to receiving communications from Mango Health or its content providers, its customers and advertisers.

This site also gives you the following methods to discontinue receiving future communications. You may utilize any of these options to indicate that you no longer wish to receive contact from Mango Health.

Visit www.mangohealth.org, and proceed to the My Account Section.


5.2  Contact Us If you have any questions about the privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact Mango Health. To change or modify information you previously provided you can e-mail us (see step 1 below).

  1. E-mail info @mangohealth.com
  2. Visit www.mangohealth.org, and proceed to the My Account Section
  3. Send mail to the following postal address:
    Mango Health
    9901 Emmaus
    St. John, VI 00830
  4. Telephone: 800-734-9476

5.3 Children’s Guidelines

This site does not solicit use by, or target as a user group, children under the age of 13 years. We do not collect information from any person we actually know is under the age of 13, that would make that child personally identifiable.

This site does not knowingly sell any products or services to children under the age of 18 years, nor does it specifically target any information towards children. We advise that if a parent feels that anything about this site is inappropriate for their child, they monitor the child’s use of this site as they would all other Internet usage. Mango Health always welcome your input and comments. Please feel free to contact us. (See the Contact Us section above for details).

5.4 Cookies

Cookies are small bits of electronic information that allow a Web site to keep records of your site visits and personalize or customize the Web experience for you. This site does not use “cookies” to report on or track you when you leave this site.

We do use cookies to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer our Web site, to help identify visitors and to gather broad demographic information. We also use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and to save passwords so you do not have to re-enter them each time you visit this site.

Our site registration form requires you to provide contact information (like your name and e-mail address). Mango Health uses the contact information from the registration form to send you information about the company and promotional material from content providers and advertisers provided that you have given us permission to do so.

We collect financial information (like your account or credit card numbers where applicable) so you can order products from Mango Health clients. Your billing information is used by Mango Health or other business partners to bill you for products and services they sell. It is privileged and confidential and will not be given to a third party except as required by law.

5.5 Links

Outside links to other health information sites are provided in limited circumstances where it is necessary to provide a balance of information and are for your information and perusal only. Mango Health is not responsible for and neither endorse nor support any products or services that you may find on these outside sites. Any data presented on these sites should be used at customer’s discretion only. Mango Health is not responsible for any results that may or may not occur regarding your use of any information, goods, or services posted on these sites. Mango Health can not guarantee nor provide security surrounding your personal and confidential information while you are visiting these outside sites. In addition, some internal links may be required to support the functionality of Mango Health, as site host and are not accessible by the community at large.

5.6 Order Forms 

This site uses an order form so that you can request information regarding, products, and services. On this form, we collect your contact information (like your e-mail address). Contact information from the order form is used to send you goods and services ordered, where applicable or as requested, and may be used to send you information about our company or promotional material from our content providers, advertisers, and other parties.

5.7 Business Relationships

Mango Health has entered into a business relationship with each of the retailers for whom it is providing Web site services. Consumers may choose to Opt-in and give information to Mango Health. However, you, the consumer, may at any time change, update or deny access to your personal information through Your Account. In that case, Mango Health access to your information or the ability for Mango Health to send you outbound e-mail messages will cease.

Mango Health has licensed condition and health information from Health notes, Inc. (“HNI”). HNI publishes evidence-based content about health conditions, supplements, herbs, and medicines as well as providing information regarding traditional western and holistic medicine modalities. Access to this information can be found in the Reference Room area of Mango Health’s site For more information about Health notes, Inc, please contact info@mangohealth.com.

Mango Health provides news content through various established news sources which may at any time include UPI, AP, The New York Times Syndicate, Knight-Ridder/Tribune, Industry publications and numerous other established news sources. Mango Health utilizes these sources but is not responsible for their accuracy or their editorial views.

In an effort to provide balanced, up-to-date information regarding health issues, Mango Health, as site service provider, includes certain outside links to consumer health information sources such as NIH and USDA consumer health sites at the Reference Room area of Mango Health’s site.

Mango Health may sell, publish or share aggregated member information with our business associates or other third party organizations on occasion. No individual member information will be sold or given to a third party by Mango Health or its business associates without prior, express written permission of that member.

Advertising Standards

Mango Health shares the values of the natural health industry including individual respect, cooperation, harmony, environmental awareness, and support of sustainable agriculture. All advertising submitted to Mango Health must conform to ethical standards regarding, but not limited to the following:

  • Absolutely no material is permitted that is offensive in any way regarding race, religion, culture, sexual orientation or gender.
  • Absolutely no sexually explicit material or material involving human or animal cruelty is allowed.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for advertising however, we are not responsible for our advertisers, their products or services.

6.1 Advertising Claims

All advertiser claims regarding ingredients, potency, formulation and product testing must be verifiable. The advertiser must be able to substantiate and authenticate these claims to Mango Health and to site users upon request.

All advertiser claims regarding how products are grown, tested or manufactured must be in accordance with principles and standards established by the appropriate governmental and regulatory agencies and organizations.

Mango Health makes no warranty or guarantee for the accuracy of labeling, content, or quality of any products or services advertised on retailer’s site.

Mango Health will accept advertising for food and food products that are labeled whole, natural, or organic. (We will also accept advertising for foods not in these categories).

All claims for food or other products that are labeled using the terms whole, natural or organic must not only conform to the definitions set forth below but must also meet all legal guidelines and requirements regarding the making of such representations. The advertiser must be able to substantiate and authenticate these and all other product claims to Mango Health and to site users upon request. In these instances, the definitions in the following sections will apply.

6.2. Definitions

Whole Foods:

Food in its natural state is referred to as whole food. These foods are complex sources as found in nature with all or most of their nutritional components left intact. These foods undergo minimal processing in order to retain these nutritional components. Whole foods are not adulterated or modified with flavor enhancers or artificial colors.

Natural Foods:

According to the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), neither the FDA nor the Federal Trade Commission have defined the term “natural” for labeling or advertising purposes. However, labeling and advertising statements and claims are required to be truthful and non-misleading, under pain of FDA or FTC regulatory action. A product labeled or advertised as “natural” should contain, primarily all natural ingredients. The presence of a synthetic chemical in the formulation would technically raise a regulatory issue. Foods designated as natural contain no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, flavors, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, drug residues or growth hormones. These foods are not irradiated and neither ripening agents nor fumigants are used. Additionally, these foods are not bleached or bromated. They are processed, packaged, transported and stored to retain maximum nutritional value and be environmentally friendly.

Organic Foods:

According to Organic Trade Association (OTA), certified organic foods are grown and processed in compliance with stringent industry standards.

  • Certified organic farms build healthy soil without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Certified processors/packers protect the organic integrity that begins on the farm.
  • Organic packaged products have not been irradiated, made with genetically modified seeds or growth hormones, or produced with artificial flavors or colors.
  • According to the OTA’s American Organic Standards, as proposed in October, 1999, genetically engineered organisms and their derivatives and products are prohibited for foods labeled as “organic” and “made with organic ingredients.”

All methods and materials used on certified organic farms and processing facilities are inspected annually by a third-party certification organization. When national regulations for the organic industry are implemented, the government will appoint certification organizations who will inspect farms and processors. 

6.3 More Information 

For further questions or information on advertising standards please e-mail us at: info@mangohealth.com.

Further information on governmental and organizational regulation of industry advertising standards can be found at the following agencies and organizations. Mango Health advertising acceptance policies support the advertising regulations, standards and guidelines set by these agencies and organizations:

Environmental Protection Agency www.mangohealth.gov

The Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov

Food and Drug Administration www.fda.gov

Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States www.hpus.com

National Anti-Vivisection Society www.navs.org

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals www.peta.com

Organic Trade Association www.ota.com

National Nutritional Foods Association www.nnfa.org

6.4 Product Safety and Quality 

Products for which advertising is accepted must be safe when used according to instructions. If product(s) are not intended for use by children, the advertising should not encourage or imply child-usage.

Mango Health has no means of independently evaluating the safety or functionality of the products offered by its suppliers and affiliates and thus can neither endorse nor recommend products. Mango Health makes every effort to receive a certification from its suppliers that (i) the product complies with all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements; (ii) every claim made on behalf of the product is adequately substantiated and information is readily available regarding such claims, and (iii) all adverse safety information is disclosed on product labeling.

Mango Health requires that all of our advertisers can substantiate their claims of safety, wholeness, goodness and purity of product. However, we do not guarantee, warranty those claims, or any product or service advertised or discussed on our site. 

Content Submittal Policy

Mango Health reserves sole discretion to accept, edit or reject any and all materials submitted to us from consumers directly or Mango Health on behalf of a customer. Mango Health will not be responsible for the return of these items. Mango Health will not be liable for any payment for any submissions without prior written agreement.

You agree that you will not upload or transmit to the Mango Health site, its content providers, business associates, advertisers or users, any material that infringes or violates the rights of any party. If you submit any content or communication to the Mango Health site, you are agreeing that such content or communication is not confidential for any purpose. By making any submission to this site you are representing and warranting that you are the owner of the rights to the material submitted, and you are granting to Mango Health a permanent, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, nonexclusive license to use, reproduce, create derivative works from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform and display the content of the submission in any media, in any form or format, now available or developed in the future. If you are not the owner of the rights to the material submitted, you are representing and warranting that the person who owns such rights has granted the above-referenced rights to Mango Health.

Mango Health may sublicense the rights obtained from you to others without limitation. 

  1. Etiquette

You agree, by your use of this site, to adhere to our standards of proper Net-etiquette. This includes, but is not limited to the standards listed below. Mango Health prohibits the following actions in our public areas and reserves the right to remove any postings that violate them.

  • DO NOT use any explicit, vulgar, or obscene language.
  • DO NOT use any racially, ethnically, or socially offensive language.
  • DO NOT encourage, incite, or plot any illegal activity.
  • DO NOT verbally attack, harass, or otherwise annoy any other members.
  • DO NOT post or request personal information from anyone under 18.
  • DO NOT misrepresent yourself as part of the Mango Health staff, or another organization to which you ARE NOT A MEMBER.
  • DO NOT post or link to sexually explicit or otherwise offensive material when participating in forums and chats and please stay on the topic.
  • IF YOU post messages on a public site area, you may be identifying yourself, and your personal information may be available to others without your permission. 
  1. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold Mango Health, its officers, principals, employees, agents, consultants, and information providers harmless from and against all claims, actions, demands, losses, expenses, damages and costs, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and accounting fees resulting from, or alleged to have resulted from, your violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use. 

  1. Limitation of Liability of Mango Health

The Mango Health site is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Your use of the Mango Health site and content is at your own risk. Mango Health does not guarantee that the functions of this site will be error-free or uninterrupted, or that this site and server will be absolutely virus-free. Your use of this site involves the transmission of data over facilities that are not within the control of Mango Health, its content providers and advertisers. Therefore, Mango Health assumes no liability for delay, corruption of data, interruption of service, or interception of data transmissions outside of its direct control.


Mango Health makes no representations or warranties as to (1) the accuracy, completeness, reliability, currentness or timeliness of the content, textual material, graphics, links, or data transmission capabilities provided by the Mango Health site; and (2) compliance with or satisfaction of any governmental regulations requiring disclosure of information concerning products or services offered by content providers or advertisers on the Mango Health site.

In no case shall Mango Health, its content providers, business associates, advertisers or any third parties referred to on the Mango Health site be liable for any damages, including without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, personal injury or death, lost profits or damages from data loss or business interruption, resulting from the use or inability to use the Mango Health site or its content, whether based on contract, tort or any other legal theory, and whether or not Mango Health is given notice of the possibility of such damages. Mango Health shall only be liable for actual damages suffered by you, and only to the maximum amount of $500 (U.S. currency). Mango Health assumes no liability for your use or misuse of the site, the content, or the public areas of the site, including, without limitation, liability for personal injury or death. Any claim brought in relation to your use of the site, the content or the public areas of the site must be brought within one (1) year of the event from which the claim arises. The remedies set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use are exclusive and limited to those expressly set forth.

Although the editors and content providers of this site have consulted sources believed to be reliable and accurate in assembling the content of this site, information provided may not be error-free. Listings of suppliers, professional associations, organizations, news, events and other material are intended to be comprehensive but not necessarily all-inclusive of information. 

  1. Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises out of or relates to these Terms of Use, or the breach thereof, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Mediation Rules before resorting to arbitration, litigation, or some other dispute resolution procedure.

Unless arbitration is expressly prohibited by applicable statute, or limited as set forth below, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, including the Emergency Interim Relief Procedures, by an arbitrator or arbitrators selected in accordance with such rules, as the exclusive remedy in any such dispute. Judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Arbitration shall occur in Sarasota, Florida, and shall be governed by both the procedural and substantive law of the state of Florida, without giving effect to the principle of conflict of laws, unless specifically preempted by the United States Arbitration Act. Each party to the arbitration shall bear its own costs and attorneys’ fees, with the costs of the arbitration being divided equally among the parties.

Notwithstanding the arbitration provision above, Mango Health may avail itself of the full range of remedies available to them, either individually or together, in connection with any violation of its respective intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, temporary and permanent injunctive relief, and actions for damages in either state or federal courts, as applicable. If such judicial proceedings are instituted, the parties agree that such proceedings will not be stayed or delayed pending the outcome of any arbitration proceeding under this Agreement. In such judicial proceedings, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of attorneys’ fees and litigation costs, including those at the trial court and all appellate court levels, against the losing party. 

  1. Governing Law/Jurisdiction

By use of this site, you agree that the exclusive venue for resolution of any disputes between you and Mango Health AT 20 Convenient Locations, shall be in the county and state wherein Mango Health is located, or in the United States District Court for the District and Division that governs Mango Health’s location. Your use of this site and all relations between you and Mango Health shall be governed by the laws of the State of SC except where specifically preempted by federal law.

In addition, the service provider, mangohealth.org is owned by Mango Health, with offices located at, 75024. By using this site, you agree that the exclusive venue for the resolution of any disputes between you and Mango Health shall be in Sarasota County, Florida, or in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division. Your use of this site and all relations between you and Mango Health shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida except where specifically preempted by federal law.

  1. Complete Agreement

Except as expressly set forth within any separate notice contained in the Mango Health site or any other written agreement between you, Mango Health, these Terms and Conditions of Use constitute the entire agreement between you, Mango Health regarding the use of the Mango Health site and content. These Terms and Conditions of Use may be modified by Mango Health at any time, with or without advance notice. By your continued use of the Mango Health site, you agree to monitor these Terms and Conditions of Use for any changes, and that such changes will be binding upon you. None of these Terms and Conditions of Use may be waived except in a written instrument signed by an officer of Mango Health. No waiver, whether express or found to exist as a matter of law, shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or of any other term or condition.

If any term or condition set forth herein is found to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of the terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

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